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Weekly Menu

From 21.05. to 24.05. 2024

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Monday – 20.05.


pünkösd monday


( 11:00-22:00 )

today the daily menu is not available

you can choose our a la carte meal


Tuesday – 21.05.

 plain goulash soup

beef with brown beer, beans, potato noodles

 provencal chicken with popcorn, blue cheese sauce, fresh spring salad, jasmine rice

Linzer wreath


Wednesday – 22.05.

 orja soup vermicelli

rolled turkey with celery-horseradish apple puree, asparagus

milanese pork ribs

rigó jancsi

Thursday – 23.05.

leek cream soup

goose liver, tokaji aszú sauce, caramelized peaches, truffle mashed potatoes

virgin coins, visegrad ragout, bulgur with vegetables

  cherry ha-si

Friday – 24.05.

cherry cream soup vanilla ice cream

fried chicken breast stuffed with wild garlic cream cheese, spring rice

 catfish fillet with cream, coctail crab, boletus mushroom sauce, grilled corn, embers potatoes

coconut biscuit roll

Menu price:

For consumption here: HUF 2550

FOR TAKE AWAY ORDERS: HUF 2750 (with packaging)

You can order by calling +36 70 708 9198

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