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Weekly Menu

From 12. 04. to 12. 08. 2023

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Monday – 12. 04.

Yellow pea cream soup with mustard and smoked knuckles

Chicken breast stuffed with broccoli cream in panko crumbs, jasmine rice with parsley

Roast beef shank, tarragon risotto

Cinnamon apple cube


Tuesday – 12. 05.

Goulash soup

Gnocchi with sweet potato, cheese béchamel sauce, sausage crumbs, grilled chicken breast 

Fried butchers ribs, mashed potatoes

Tiramisu roll


Wednesday – 12. 06.

Brouth soup with vermicelli 

Forest stuffed chicken breast with steak sauce, dill cottage cheese dumplings

Red wine virgin coin, poached pear, potato croquette

Spiced walnut cube

Thursday – 12. 07.

Tarragon duck stew

Chicken breast stuffed with two kinds of cheese and ham in a cornflakes coat, colorful vegetables, potato disc

Sea fish fillet with creamy spring onion sauce, on a bed of vegetable spaghetti

Chestnut puree

Friday – 12. 08.

Jókai bean soup

Rizskoch, homemade apricot jam

Parmesan-coated chicken breast, rice with carrot

Fruit salad

Menu price:

For consumption here: HUF 2350

FOR TAKE AWAY ORDERS: HUF 2550 (with packaging)

You can order by calling +36 70 708 9198

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