Crocodile meat medallions, chimichurri, jacket potatoes with soft sheep’s cheese, grilled vegetables

6 890 FT

Sous vide lamb shank, fried onions, homemade sour cream oven roasted potatoes

6 890 FT


3 660 Ft

4 460 Ft

4 460 Ft

5 160 Ft


Angus steak tartare, vegetables, butter with herbs, toast

4 990 FT

Smoked eggplant cream, garden vegetables, toasted pita bread

3 690 FT

Borterasz two-person plank

(Sausage and ham specialties, selection of homemade cheeses, honey, seeds, dried fruits, fresh baguette)

5 290 FT

Borterasz salad

(Chicken breast meat, salmon, shrimp, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers,
toasted almonds, garlic bread, dijon honey-mustard sauce)

4 790 FT


Beef soup, elbow macaroni, cooked vegetables

2 190 FT

Borterasz goulash soup

2 190 FT

Cream of asparagus soup, crispy shrimp tails

2 190 FT


Borterasz salad

(Grilled block sheep cheese, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, toasted almonds, garlic bread, dijon honey-mustard sauce)

4 390 FT

Roast cauliflower, ratatouille and risotto, mozzarella, pumpkin seed oil

4 590 FT


Salmon steak, citrusy lettuce, olives, string beans, eggs, tomatoes, spiral potatoes

5 890 FT

Pike fillet in panko crumbs, roasted lime cauliflower risotto, green beans sautéed in butter, hollandaise sauce

4 990 FT

Sea fruit, basil and tomato spaghetti

5 190 FT

Creamy-porcini mushroom tagliatelle, parmesan shavings

(Black clams and king crab / salmon and shrimp)

5 290 FT


Chicken breast supreme marinated in búzavirág gin, buttery jasmine rice, tuscan panzanella salad, spicy cheddar cheese dip

4 490 FT

Chicken breast stuffed with prunes wrapped in bacon, auliflower coulis, roasted potatoes, cinnamon plum puree

4 490 FT

Chicken breast stuffed with cheddar cheese and home cured ham in panko crumbs, sweet potato wedges, fresh salad, aioli

4 490 FT

Roasted duck legs, red cabbage puree with red wine, sautéed noodles, french mashed potatoes

4 990 FT


Pepper-crusted pork tenderloin, blood sausage fried in crumbs, ratatouille and risotto, pumpkin seed oil

4 990 FT

Pork trotters

4 990 FT

Giant wiener schnitzel, parsley potatoes, citrusy butter with herbs

(Pork chops – 300 g)

4 990 FT

Red meat

Beef bourguignon, egg barely risotto with soft sheep’s cheese

4 490 FT

Beef stroganoff

5 490 FT

Bourbon beef ribs, tuscan panzanella salad

6 690 FT


Poppy seed bread pudding, vanilla custard

1 990 FT

Chocolate soufflé, vanilla ice cream, forest fruits (Preparation time: 15 minutes)



1 990 FT

Two-person platters

Borterasz platter

(Grilled trappista cheese, chicken breast stuffed with cheddar cheese andhome cured ham in panko crumbs, pepper-crusted pork tenderloin, pike fillet in panko crumbs, braised vegetables, french fries, jasmine rice)

12 990 FT

Borterasz grill platter

(Salmon steak, pork trotters, roast duck leg, chicken breast stuffed with prunes wrapped in bacon, grilled vegetables, spicy steak fries, braised red cabbage puree)

14 990 FT


(Prices only include the listed side dishes and sauces!)

Marinated tenderloin steak (220 g)

7 990 FT

Cured new zealand tenderloin steak (220 g)

11 990 FT

Cured south american tenderloin steak (300 g)

8 990 FT

Option side dishes:
Grilled vegetables / Potato wedges / Jacket potatoes with soft sheep’s cheese / Tuscan panzanella salad / Sweet potato fries
Optional sauces:
Pepper sauce / Porcini mushroom sauce / Parmesan sauce / Blueberry fried goose liver

Pickled vegetables

Cucumber salad

990 FT

Cabbage salad

990 FT


990 FT

Homemade pickled vegetables

990 FT

The final amount of the bill includes a 10% service charge.
For more information on allergens, please ask our servers.
Optional side dishes are available for a surcharge.