Bolyki Indián Nyár

Eger wine region

Cherry, black cherry, light, juicy, summer red wine with the rich spices of kékfrankos and blauburger. A nice, easy-drinking wine, with a medium body.

990 Ft – dl | 4 900 Ft – 0,75l

Vida Buvölet 2018 (New)

Szekszárd wine region

Lush, fruity, but still serious wine, cabernet-based blend. We think this is what a real red wine from Szekszárd is. A lush, fruity, but still serious wine, a cabernet-based blend. In our opinion, this is what a real red wine from Szekszárd is.

5 300 Ft – 0,75l

Figula Simply Red 2018 (New)

Balatonfüred – Csopak wine region

Simply Red Merlot is the fruit of the hot vintage of 2018, softer acidity, ripe berries, classic bistro wine – simply anywhere, anytime.

5 500 Ft – 0,75l

Benedek Péter Pinot Noir 2020-21

Mátra wine region

The smell is primarily fruity with leathery notes. When tasted, in addition to cherries and raspberries, coffee, tobacco and the fuller aromas of aging in wooden barrels can be discovered.

5 900 Ft – 0,75l

Yellow Tail Shiraz 2020

Australia – Riverina wine region

Red soil, blue sky, night harvest, aging in American and French barrels. Australian shiraz with a dark purple hue and a complex aroma. Its components are pepper, red berries, and spices.

1 000 Ft – dl | 6 000 Ft – 0,75l

Tüske Bikavér 2017

Szekszárd wine region

Loose bull’s blood, light fruity sip, easy to drink, with nice spices. Large-barrel blending is a real everyday, or in any case, red wine.

1 100 Ft – dl | 6 500 Ft – 0,75l

St.Andrea Áldás 2020

Eger wine region

A modern red wine with an emphasis on fruit, vigorous, sufficiently wide. Its aroma is characterized by ripe black berries with a small cocoa powder background. On the palate, it is tight, but still gentle, with good aging potential.

1 250 Ft – dl | 7 900 Ft – 0,75l

Lelovits Cabernet Franc 2019

Villány wine region

Densely woven, big, Villány guy. Ripe, compact fruitiness, alongside fine barrel, spices and tobacco. All this with refreshing acids, velvety tannins, and a nice finish.

1200 Ft – dl | 6 900 Ft – 0,75l

Tüske Menek Prémium Kékfrankos 2018 (New)

Szekszárd wine region

Rich, intense spicy aroma, long, luscious aftertaste, wine with many, many fruit flavors. Szekszárd kékfrankos at its best, a real premium item.

6 900 Ft – 0,75l

Woodhaven Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

USA – Californa wine region

It’s ruby red color makes a very good impression. A very flavorful, versatile wine with aromas of blackberries and black currants. A full-bodied, yet light wine, with a particularly nice tannin.

7 000 Ft – 0,75l

Balla Géza Feketeleányka Classic 2019-20

Erdély – Ménes wine region

Intense fruitiness, aromas reminiscent of cherries, blackcurrants and blueberries are mixed with spicy characters. In taste, soft, round tannins and a pleasant acidity make this variety lovable.

1300 Ft – dl | 7 500 Ft – 0,75l

Jackfall Cseresznyés 2015-16

Villány wine region

A mature, large-format, real Villány wine that is vibrant, full-bodied and elegant. Warm and velvety, with fresh fruit, a blend of merlot and cabernet franc.

1300 Ft – dl | 7 900 Ft – 0,75l

Sogrape Silk and Spice 2020

Portugal – Lisboa-Dao-Alentejo wine region

Silkiness and spiciness characterize this infinitely lovely and charming Portuguese red wine. Fine, soft tannins, well-matched acids and flattering spiciness characterize this well-deserved crowd favorite wine.

1 200 Ft – dl | 7 000 Ft – 0,75l

Pannonhalmi Apátsági Hemina vörös 2020

Pannonhalma wine region

It is balanced, its alcohol content highlights its aroma and flavor notes of blackberry, which is nicely supported by the body of the wine. Finely structured, fruity and elegant, but substantial.

1 400 Ft – dl | 8 400 Ft – 0,75l

Pliniana Juvenis (Primitivo di Manduria) 2020

Italy – Puglia wine region

The delicate notes of black cherry mixed with the aromas of blackberry, chocolate and vanilla captivate you.

8 900 Ft – 0,75l

Dániel Pince Vamp

Szekszárd wine region

A lush, wild and exciting wine with an almost bite-size texture and concentration. Big body, great pleasure, ripe wild fruitiness.

1 550 Ft – dl | 9 900 Ft – 0,75l

Pósta Borház Cabernet Franc 2017 Várdomb (New)

Szekszárd wine region

Vineyard-selected cabernet from Várdomb. Late harvest, full-bodied, thick wine. It is characterized by jam and roasted notes, round tannins on the palate, and a long finish. Unfiltered, 1,400 bottles were made from it.

2 100 Ft – dl | 12 000 Ft – 0,75l

Vida Péter La Vida 2017

Szekszárd wine region

Rich and lush fruitiness in the aroma, delicate elegance and beautiful balance in the taste. Top wine at its best, only in outstanding vintages, selected from the best vineyards.

15 900 Ft – 0,75l

Gere Kopar 2017-18

Villány wine region 

In the aroma, barrel spices, pepper, a little tobacco, mineral notes, wild berries. When tasted, it is also characterized by this complexity, with the fullness resulting from the vintage. Rich in tannins, but beautifully concentrated.

17 000 Ft – 0,75l