Frittmann Cserszegi Fűszeres 2021

Kunsági wine region

Light summer wine made with reductive technology. Fresh, fruity taste and aroma wine with pleasant acidity.

850 Ft – dl | 3 900 Ft – 0,75l

Koch Pérmium Irsai Olivér 2021

Hajós – Bajai wine region

The smell of a blooming spring meadow, sparkling sunshine and cheerfulness, the crisp freshness of fresh fruit, one of the most popular varieties.

850 Ft – dl | 3 900 Ft – 0,75l

Gál Lajos Egerszóláti Olaszrizling 2021

Egri wine region

Its fragrance is dominated by white flowers and citrus fruits. Genre wine with lively acidity, delicately bitter taste, elegant, medium-bodied, relatively long-lasting.

4 500 Ft – 0,75l

Csordás – Fodor Somlói Juhfark selection 2018-19

Nagy – Somlói wine region

Golden yellow color, peachy, summer pear, buttery, aromatic notes. On the palate, oily body, juicy, fresh, fruity, citrus notes, long mineral finish.

990 Ft – dl | 4 500 Ft – 0,75l

Fehérvári Petit Somlo – Nagy-Somlói cuvée 2020-21 (ÚJ)

Nagy-Somlói wine region

Petit Somlo is the true essence of the wine region. The smell of summer fruits, the memory of our grandparents’ carefully guarded, well-kept garden emerges. Mud white, sheep’s tail, tramini, furmint, yellow muscat cuvée.

4 300 Ft – 0,75l

Tóth Ferenc Egri Csillag 2021

Egri wine region

Fresh and ripe at the same time. citruses and herbs can be felt in its taste, supplemented by a little muscat and alcoholic sweetness. Its acids are youthful, elegant, full and harmonious, wine with a long finish.

990 Ft – dl | 4 400 Ft – 0,75l

Kamocsai Prémium Chardonnay 2020

Neszmélyi wine region

Ripe, harmonious, truly special chardonnay, rich in exotic aromas and flavors.

4 500 Ft – 0,75l

Kamocsai Prémium Irsai Olivér 2021

Neszmélyi wine region

Aromas reminiscent of intense, grapey, floral, white-fleshed fruits, the sip is rich in flavors.

4 500 Ft – 0,75l

Aveleda Casal Garcia Vinho Verde 2021

Portugália – Vinho Verde wine region

Flowers and tropical fruits are mixed in both taste and smell. A light wine, well chilled and an excellent aperitif. Despite its lightness, the aftertaste is surprisingly long.

1 000 Ft – dl | 5 100 Ft – 0,75l

Dobosi Olaszrizling bio 2021 (ÚJ)

Balatonfüred – Csopaki wine region

A white wine with a fresh, discreet aroma, with green fruit aromas, full harmony, and a delicately acidic long aftertaste. It is made from the most important grapes of the wine region.

990 Ft – dl | 4 900 Ft – 0,75l

Gróf Degenfeld Muscat Blanc 2021 semi-dry

Tokaji wine region

The notes of elderflower are the first to be felt in its lovely fragrance. Fresh fruitiness and muscat grapes nicely complement the floral aromas.

1 000 Ft – dl | 6 100 Ft – 0,75l

Konyári Pincészet Loliense 2021

Konyári Pincészet Loliense 2021

Citrus, lime. In addition to the light waxiness, nettles and some tropical character also appear. A medium-long, exciting, multi-layered wine with an even finish.

5 700 Ft – 0,75l

St.Andrea Napbor 2021

Egri wine region

Vibrant, mineral white wine. Gooseberries, pears, ripe citrus, green herbs and a small wet stone also appear in the aroma. Energetic, crisp, juicy, i.e. very tart wine.

1 100 Ft – dl | 6 500 Ft – 0,75l

Haraszthy Sauvignon Blanc 2021

Etyek-Budai wine region

It smells of lemon peel, lime, nettle, elderberry and cut grass. A concentrated, energetic wine with a refined texture, with a fruity aftertaste.

1 000 Ft – dl | 5 900 Ft – 0,75l

Gizella Pince Tokaji Cuvée Furmint-Hárslevelű 2020-21

Tokaji wine region

Juicy, floral, light barrel-free Tokaj blending. Very drinkable, white-fleshed fruits, accompanied by some lemon-honey florality.

1 000 Ft – dl | 6 100 Ft – 0,75l

Gróf Degenfeld Hárslevelű 2021 (orgainc)

Tokaji wine region

Its pleasantly intense, perfumed scent has ripe, fruity and slightly honeyed notes, linden blossom.

6 300 Ft – 0,75l

Szarka Dénes Mád Furmint 2021

Tokaji wine region

Furmint’s lovable face, green apple minerality, light elegance, flawless quality

1 100 Ft – dl | 6 500 Ft – 0,75l

Váli Péter Szürkebarát 2020

Badacsonyi wine region

Typically for the variety, juicy, fruity aromas are mixed with spicy aromas. Harmonious taste and crisp acids characterize this truly Badacsony wine.

1 200 Ft – dl | 6 600 Ft – 0,75l

Dobosi Kéknyelű Bio 2020

Balatonfüred – Csopaki wine region

Its color is pale, greenish-yellow, as we are used to with this variety. Ripe fruity notes first appear in its aroma, which are complemented by herbal notes.

1 200 Ft – dl | 6 800 Ft – 0,75l

Thummerer Chardonnay Battonage 2019-21

Egri wine region

Fermentation and maturation in new barrique barrels, with Battonage technology, very complex, complex, exciting, creamy, big chardonnay.

1 300 Ft – dl | 7 400 Ft – 0,75l

Tussock Jumper Sauvignon Blanc 2021

New Zealand – Marlborough wine region

Fresh, fresh citrus and exotic fruits in the aroma. Nice balance in the mouth, with good acidity and intense fruitiness, mango, cantaloupe, tropical fruits.

1 350 Ft – dl | 7 800 Ft – 0,75l

Pannonhalmi Apátsági Hemina white 2021

Pannonhalmi wine region

Burgundy-type white wine, refined barrel spices, ripe fruitiness, lively acid structure, lime minerality in great balance.

7 900 Ft – 0,75l

Holdvölgy Vision 2018-19

Tokaji wine region

It opens before us with William pear, cedar and quince. In the mouth, it starts with notes of pink grapefruit and pineapple, a round, elegant structure and complexity in a refined, endlessly dry phenomenon.

8 900 Ft – 0,75l